About Us

HDJ + Associates is consistently named one of the top recruiting firms in the Pittsburgh area. We are a professional employment and search solutions company focused on recruiting the best possible talent available in today’s demanding market place.
Our clients often tell us that finding the right candidates to join their company is one of the most difficult tasks on their already overburdened task list.
Likewise, our candidates often tell us that finding the right position in today’s crowded market place is frustrating and overwhelming.
Let HDJ + Associates take the pressure out of the recruiting process for both candidates and employers. We will hit the employment bullseye each time streamlining the recruiting process to success.

What our clients & candidates say

  • Hayley Jameson was there every step of the way when I embarked on a search for a new opportunity. I went to her firm because of their stellar reputation for placing talent and connections in the ad community. The bottom line is Hayley delivers and then some for her clients. In no time, she lined up multiple interviews and carved out a path for me that resulted in an exciting job offer! I highly recommend HDJ & Associates, Inc. for the professionalism, personal attention, and guidance they provide for candidates and employers alike.
    Tina Richardson
    Red House Communications
  • Hayley is a fantastic recruiter who spends serious time getting to know your company and the positions you're hiring for to ensure the candidates she brings to you are not only a fit from a skill and experience perspective, but also when it comes to company culture. When you work with Hayley, you feel like you have a true partner who is invested in finding you the right person for the role. I'm so grateful to have her as a resource, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!
    Kate Murphy
  • Hayley is easily the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. She is very plugged in to the digital space and the Pittsburgh market. She understands our team and the type of candidates we are looking for, and excels at finding strong matches. I trust her recommendations and that she represents my organization as I would. I can’t recommend her strongly enough.
    Dale Kendall
  • Four years ago when I was looking for a new coding job I approached Hayley with my resume. Almost immediately she had me on 2 interviews, both of which resulted in job offers. I've been at the job I accepted for the past 4 years. She was very helpful, personable, and connected me with very relevant leads. It was a great experience working with her.
    Jay DelGreco
    Frontend Web Applications Developer at Carnegie Learning
  • Hayley should have her own reality show on BRAVO. She's fun, engaging and the best at what she does. Working with HDJ + Associates as a candidate - I've always been confident that they are truly determined to find the best match for each individual.
    David Anderson
    Creative Director/Video Producer at Denmarsh Studios
  • Simply stated, Hayley is hands down the best recruiter I have ever worked with. I have used recruiters to both place people at my employer and to help find a new job for myself and I can honestly state that she is the best recruiter I have worked with in either role. I would HIGHLY recommend her to any company, colleague, peer, or friend.
    Mark Eygabroad
    Service Delivery Engineering Manager at Expedient
  • Simply put, Hayley is a wonderful recruiter and I HIGHLY recommend working with her. Her professionalism and expertise are unsurpassed the in Pittsburgh market. Did i mention she knows everyone in town? A pretty important talent to have in her field. If I were going to make a career change in the future, Hayley would be the first person I'd call.
    Rob Pizzica
    EVP Account Services at Chemistry
  • Hayley is a driven, committed professional who does not drop a detail. In addition to Hayley's work with our company, I know Hayley for her dedication to issues of social responsibility. She is a person of high integrity, hard work, and a committment to quality in everything she does.
    Mary Murrin
    Social Investment Team Lead at Chevron U.S.A.
  • I've worked with Hayley professionally -- and personally -- for nearly ten years, and am consistently impressed by her dynamic personality, industry smarts and GIANT professional network. Her keen ability to make the right connections at the right time make her a must-call when seeking a new career move, or looking to fill an open role.
    Becky Mancuso
    Director of Marketing, Expedient
  • I've worked with Hayley personally for many years. She is a very conscientious business partner with attention to what my company has and is trying to accomplish. This attention to my details has led her company to provide me with very strong associates who have become stellar performers.
    Rege Rapp
    VP Global Services at Fiserv
  • I’ve worked with Hayley and team to fill a number of positions and I’ve always been impressed. She is well networked, allowing her to bring the most qualified candidates to the table. In turn, she listens to feedback exceptionally well, streamlining the recruiting process for both the hiring manager and the applicant.
    David Heidenreich
    VP of Engagement at Smith Brothers Agency
  • SnapRetail had hired HDJ & Associates to recruit for a number of critical team members. Hayley is incredibly persistent and professional, and a pleasure to work with. She is not only a professional recruiter for SnapRetail, but is also a trusted source of business insight and advice. I would recommend Hayley and HDJ + Associates to anyone looking for a professional recruiting firm.
    Ted Teele
    Chief Executive Officer at Touchtown
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Hayley as both a candidate and a hiring manager. As a candidate, Hayley is exceptionally rare among recruiters in that she shows compassion and care for her candidates. She clearly took the time to give me personalized treatment, and I never felt like I was just another number to her. As a hiring manager, I often open our positions only to Hayley, because of our confidence in the quality of candidates that Hayley will find. Hayley is among the most networked recruiters in the region and more importantly, Hayley takes the effort to truly dig into the requirements of each position, identifying candidates who meet or exceed our requirements. Overall, Hayley has been a fantastic partner, and I would recommend her without reservations to anyone who is either searching for new opportunities or looking to hire the best talent for an open position.
    Aaron Marks
    Digital Marketing Manager WESCO